Welcome to the Tech Sherpa Certification ProgramHere you will complete a set of tasks, create a tutorial, rescue the princess and overall show your elite skills with technology!

    Like any expedition, you need to gear up. For this journey, you’ll need a Google Account, computer (sorry, no tablets) with Internet access and the Chrome browser.

STEP 1] Sign into your Google Account.

(You were signed in already right ;)

STEP 2] Click here: bit.ly/COURSEBOOK to take a copy. 

STEP 3] Complete all the TASKS in the Coursebook.

STEP 4] Share your Coursebook with: techsherpas@gmail.com

STEP 6] Navigate here: bit.ly/COURSEBOOKINBOX 

                and complete the form. 

STEP 7] Be awesome.


Now for the fine print you won’t read! Because the Tech Sherpa Certification Program is all about students helping others through technology education, the final task is creation of their own tutorial. The lesson they create should be a technology related tool, lesson, or idea that can be taught to others. The medium students can use is very flexible, but there are some criteria for entry into the certification program:

  • Participating students must be at least 13 years old. Younger students can, of course, create lessons, but are not eligible for Tech Sherpa Certification.

  • All resources for the lesson must be included in their Coursebook. This includes links to external sources, videos or other resources created by the student.

  • All lessons or tutorials will be original creations of the students. You may link to other sources for reference, but it should be an original work by the student.

  • All tutorials will be released under a Creative Commons Sharealike License.